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In case you've not heard of Onvestor before, here's a little taster of who we are, why we exist and why we think we're better than any other financial advice firm around. We think you'll like us.

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Proper, human financial advice

First up, we'd like to introduce ourselves as a proper, real-life financial advice firm. We're not robots, and whilst we use computer systems to make ourselves more efficient and reduce your costs, to be frank we just don't trust them to work out the best options for you to take; computers are great at answers which are black and white, but we recognise that our lives aren't like that.

That's why we value human-to-human interactions, and believe that is the best way for our clients to improve their financial situation.

We’re a firm of qualified financial advisers and paraplanners fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We live and breathe all things financial, but importantly are as interested in our clients’ lives as we are in financial products and services.

We’re based in Brentwood, Essex and in London, but work nationwide. All our client contact is by phone, chat or email – much more efficient than face-to-face meetings, but no less personal (although you are always welcome to visit one of our offices by appointment if you would like to!)

A financial advice robot that has broken down

Why we exist

Onvestor was created in response to the huge 'advice gap' that exists in the industry today. The problem is, traditional financial advisers like you might find on your High Street usually can only make a profit from clients with loads of cash. It's part of running an advice business - but the results are that only about 10% of the population currently speak to a financial adviser about their finances*.

We believe in the value of getting real advice from a professional, so we plan to make getting financial advice easier, accessible and more rewarding for more people.

Our service is completely centered around the customer and their needs, which is why we offer a completely free financial review to get you started.

With the best intentions, most other advisers simply aren't able to provide the great service that every client deserves. We work with local advisers to help them fix this problem, taking the clients they are unable to look after and providing a fantastic service, so that everyone wins. Perhaps you have been referred from such a caring firm trying to ensure every one of their clients recieves a fantastic financial plan. If so, welcome.

*Aegon, Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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A few of the key people at Onvestor

Michael Basi, CEO at Onvestor

Michael Basi

CEO & Founder
John Humpish, CMO at Onvestor

John Humpish

Ben Kitchen, CFO at Onvestor

Ben Kitchen

Kathy Codling, COO at Onvestor

Kathy Codling

Alex Harmer, Adviser at Onvestor

Alex Harmer

Anthony Rensch, Adviser at Onvestor

Anthony Rensch

Dan Challis, Senior Administrator at Onvestor

Dan Challis

Senior Administrator
Darren Fletcher , Account Manager  at Onvestor

Darren Fletcher

Account Manager
Eden Tang, Paraplanner  at Onvestor

Eden Tang

Ellie Sanders, Senior Administrator  at Onvestor

Ellie Sanders

Senior Administrator
Eugeni Chouvaev, Pension Transfer Specialist  at Onvestor

Eugeni Chouvaev

Pension Transfer Specialist
George Bray , Associate Adviser  at Onvestor

George Bray

Associate Adviser
Jack Pickrell, Marketing Manager at Onvestor

Jack Pickrell

Marketing Manager
Kelly White , Office Manager  at Onvestor

Kelly White

Office Manager
Russell Clinton, Paraplanner at Onvestor

Russell Clinton

Ryan Bailey , Administrator  at Onvestor

Ryan Bailey

Sam Pemberton, Adviser Team Leader at Onvestor

Sam Pemberton

Adviser Team Leader
Sam Codling, Trainee Paraplanner  at Onvestor

Sam Codling

Trainee Paraplanner

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