What on earth do we do?

At Onvestor, we’re focused on having a positive impact on our clients’ lives in every way we can. We’re down-to-earth people who tackle real-world issues in a practical and no-nonsense way.

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Sorting out the big things in life

Below are some examples of what we deliver:

Mortgage advice

The right mortgage for less.

What mortgage you can secure depends on a number of factors, as does the interest rate that you then have to pay. Not all advertised ‘headline’ rates are available to everyone, but equally a significant number of people in the UK are paying hundreds of pounds more every month than they need to*. Dropping your mortgage interest rate from say 4.19% to 2.39% on a £150,000 25-year repayment mortgage would save around £600 a month, for example.

Onvestor's advisers could help you find a better mortgage rate, saving you thousands.

*Which? News Article October 2018

Mortgage Advice


Minimising your credit spend, enhancing your credit score.

Outside mortgage borrowings, many of us need and/or use credit to fund our lifestyles, typically in the form of credit or store cards and personal loans. The average UK household has £2,700 of ongoing credit card debt for example, at an average interest rate of 18.5% APR* – an annual cost of £500 without paying down any of the credit. We’ll help you find a better borrowing solution at a lower cost, and in parallel work on enhancing your credit score. We’ll similarly work on any loans you may have, and where possible consolidate your borrowing into a single, more manageable agreement.

*Bank of England Study, November 2018

Advice for borrowing

Life insurance

Protecting the ones you love.

Although not the most cheerful topic, making provision for loved ones in the event of your premature death is an important thing to do. Again, no two people’s circumstances are the same, but the building blocks are generally pretty consistent – pay off the mortgage, fund your children into adult life, and provide 3-4 years’ income for the next life phase. For many, this might mean a figure of around £500,000 of cover, which for a 35-year old non-smoker for a 35-year term might cost something like £25-35 a month*.

For a minimal monthly cost, you could achieve peace of mind that should the worst happen unexpectedly, your family is looked after. We can also help you look at taking out critical illness cover or even private medical insurance, to cover you for illness and accidents too.


Life Insurance


Getting the income you want in retirement.

The new State Pension is £168.60 a week*, or roughly £8,800 a year (based on a full 30-year National Insurance contribution record). A couple might qualify for twice this (£17,600 a year), but research shows they are more likely to want nearer £30,000 a year – for essentials, comfort and some luxuries.


This would require them to save around £160 a month over 40 years, or £290 a month over 30 years. Their workplace pensions would cover some of this, but Onvestor helps plug the gaps. If they earned £36,000 a year, their minimum workplace pension contributions at 3% would be around £90 a month*, with 5% employee contributions taking this up to a total of 8%.


Pension Advice


Growing your wealth the way that suits you best.

The first priority in investing is setting an objective for what you want to achieve over what time horizon. The second is determining your risk appetite and capacity for any loss – ensuring that this objective is achieved without an inappropriate level of risk being taken on. Onvestor has a range of structured investment portfolios that spans all risk appetites – and provides you access to a world of capital growth opportunities.

Investment Advice

Wills and Estate Planning

Your legacy, properly organised.

Around 60% of people in the UK have not written a will*, mostly because they’ve either ‘never got around to it’ or because they assume their assets aren’t enough to justify one. This is a mistake – as your wishes may not end up being respected without a will, and undue complexity and delay could result in handling your estate regardless of the sums involved. Addressing this needn’t be either complicated or expensive, however. Give Onvestor a call to discuss how we could help you.

*unbiased.co.uk, October 2017

Wills and Estate Planning

Everyday Saving

Plan for the future, but start saving right now.

As well as saving you money on loans and credit cards (see above), we can also point you in the direction of the best-value bank accounts, save you money on your utility bills, and save you money on all foreign exchange with our unique Onvestor Card*. Speak to us to find out more.

*Coming soon.
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