Why choose Onvestor?

Onvestor is a truly independent financial planning firm.

We don’t sell products, we look at your financial circumstances, build a picture for you and discuss with you what you need, what’s realistic and help you prioritise. We recommend, but let you decide.

And you don’t need to have a certain level of wealth to deal with us. We help you to plan your financial goals based on your personal situation and we talk in your language.

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  • Face-to-face advice with a UK qualified advisor. No robots, no automated systems or one-solution-fits-all!
  • No-obligation financial review and in-depth report.
  • No minimum investment required. You can start investing with as little as £1.

How does Onvestor work?


Call or email us

Call or email our team and we will arrange a free initial online face to face chat about what you need.  You only need access to a PC, mobile device or good old dog and bone.


Face-to-face with an advisor

Let’s have a chat about your finances and help you set realistic financial goals.  We’ll talk to you about your Pension, Investments & Savings, Life Assurance, Mortgages, Wills, and Estate Planning.


We create your financial plan

We’ll create your Financial Plan or a Road Map for you to achieve your new financial goals.  The report will include which financial products you need, how much you need and the most cost effective way within your budget to achieve them.


We discuss your financial plan

We’ll arrange another face to face appointment with your advisor to discuss the recommendations and explain everything in plain English.  We’ll help you choose and prioritise your financial products.  We recommend, but you make the decisions.  If you wish to go ahead with any of our recommendations your advisor will discuss all fees and services to you.


Hey presto, you’re in control of your finances!

We can now put your Financial Plan into action. And we will stay with you on the journey.  If you use us to look after your pensions, savings & investments, or any other area of finances we will run an updated consultation on a regular basis.  This will ensure that your financial plan stays on track.

A few facts & figures


the total spend on state pensions and other benefits for pensioners in 2014/15.* By 2020/21 this figure is is expected to rise to £104B. (*Pension Policy Institute)


This is the Basic State Pension. That’s 18.4% of the National Average Wage of £630 p.w. Can you afford that drop in living standards?


of women and 39% of men are building up non-state pension benefits. Auto Enrolment should improve these figures but does not do enough for people.


The average amount Single Pensioners in receipt of an Occupational Pension receive. (£285 p/w for Pensioner Couples)


The average amount Single Pensioners in receipt of a Personal Pension receive. (£116 p/w for Pensioner Couples)


According to Pension Geeks, the majority of people surveyed (80%) think this is the right age to start building a pension pot.

Common misconceptions

Wealth advice is only for the wealthy isn’t it?

No, financial advice is necessary for everybody. If there’s an income you depend on outside of State Benefits then you need to protect it against certain risks like premature death or illness. If you have pensions, savings, or investments you need to make sure you’re sweating these assets. Onvestor are your advisors protecting your lifestyle.  Read More

Wealth advice is for older people, isn’t it?

No, take retirement planning for example. The cost of saving for retirement doubles every 7 years, so the later you start the more you’ll end up paying. How old do you want to be before you find that out?  Read More

I don’t need wealth advice, I already have a pension

Wealth advice is not all about having a pension. You need to know if it will give what you want in retirement, is it performing and efficient? We’re talking about money in your pocket.  You also need to protect your most important assets, like your income. A chat with us may open your eyes to some things you may not have thought about.

Wealth advice is for business people, isn’t it?

No, business people just know they need it. We all need good financial advice regardless of how much you earn. When choosing a car do you consider tax, fuel efficiency and other factors that affect the running cost and efficiency? So when it comes to your finances don’t buy a gas-guzzler!

I don’t need wealth advice, my partner takes care of all the finances

That’s great, but what will you do should something happen to your partner? Why don’t you both talk to your Onvestor advisor. Issues that affect you and your loved one’s lifestyle should be considered together.

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