Helping you navigate the financial jungle.

Let a different type of financial advice business show you how.

A business focused on serving people with different levels of income and wealth, helping them navigate what for most is a financial ‘jungle’. Saving, investments, pensions, insurance, mortgages, the Bank of Mum & Dad, long-term care, writing wills...the list goes on.

Some people are happy to manage all of their finaces without any form of advice, and that’s fine. Others are happy to pay (often quite a lot) for advice that delivers sometimes quite sophisticated solutions for their particular circumstances.

Onvestor is designed for people that sit between these two groups. People who don’t want the expense that can come with going to a traditional face-to-face advice firm, but equally people who recognise that not all their life issues can be addressed on their own, by going to a price comparison website or to an online offer centred on a ‘robot’.

How we work

At Onvestor, we’re human beings, not robots. Even better, we’re fully qualified financial advisers – just like the guy in the phone book, on the High Street or at the golf club.

What makes us different though is the way we operate. We use technology, and we use it very effectively. Phone, video calls or email – whatever (and whenever) suits you best – enabling us to serve customers nationwide at low cost.

Instead of spending time driving to your home and sitting on your sofa, we spend time efficiently working on the right solutions for you – and it’s that efficiency that enables us to keep our costs down.

It's all about you

While efficiency is an important aspect of our business though, it’s by no means the only one. More powerful than that is our understanding of one thing above all else – people.

We get that people’s situations are different, and in the real world not always as ‘sorted’ as they could be. Not a problem -we’re far less concerned with where people start from than where they want to get to...and the best way of getting them there. We’ll quickly make sense of your situation, and work with you to identify the best way forward.

A financial plan; maybe your first proper one; realistic rather than unachievable; explained in Plain English, not jargon; and one that can evolve as your own circumstances do.

Read on to find out more – and welcome to the world of Onvestor. The jungle perhaps isn’t a jungle anymore.

Why you should have a financial plan

A little structure goes a long, long way.

Most people have enough going on in their lives in the present without having to worry about the future. When it comes to your finances, however, the future is one thing you really do need to take seriously.

We know in the short term you may well be focused on a single financial product only – for example a mortgage for your first (or next) home, savings for a rainy day, pensions for the retirement that will come someday, wills (a need for 100% of us!), or even smaller things like cheaper utility bills.

However, simply buying financial products one-by-one is a little like taking each step in a jungle without a map. You need a plan, and you may need help in building one.

That’s why we’re here. We help our clients build a well thought-through financial plan to realise their short, medium and long-term objectives – making provision for the retirement they want and everything else they want to do along the way.

This involves your whole financial life:

  • Mortgages

  • Pensions & Investments

  • Protection

  • Tax & Estate Planning

  • Loans & Borrowing

  • Everyday Spending

Why you might need financial advice

Expertise to help deliver the future you want.

Getting your finances in ship-shape condition and fit for the future is no small task. With a lot of time and resource, you probably could find yourself a great mortgage rate, keep up to date with how your pension and other investments are performing, and prepare yourself for every eventuality in the future.

The problem is, time and resource are not things that most people generally have. Even if you did, would you be able to stitch all the different bits together into a plan that truly works?

That's where Onvestor comes in. It's our advisers' job to research the most suitable financial products on the market. It's their job to get to know you and your goals. Then (using their years of experience) create a plan that lets you live how you want to, now and in the future, without worrying about money.

The Onvestor service

We work hard to make things easy.

We want financial advice to be easily accessible to as many people as possible. We are obsessed with customer service, and aim to deliver real value to our clients' lives with as little hassle as possible. We're available whenever you need us, preferring communications through phone, video call and emails in order to keep costs low for all our clients.

We’re acutely aware, however, that trust is earned – and that you’ll judge us by what we do, not what we say.

To prove our value to you therefore, we offer a comprehensive (20-page), no-obligation financial review, absolutely free of charge. After finding out some information about your situation, this review provides you with solid recommendations as to how to make real improvements to your finances. It works like this:

Complete our online questionnaire

(We've made it as quick and easy as possible)

In order to review your current situation, we need some basic information about your current income, expenditure, savings, other assets, borrowings and personal circumstances.

Have a short phone/video chat with one of our advisers

A brief chat to address any queries, fill in any missing information about your situation and discuss your future plans – with a human being you’ll find very easy to talk to.

Receive your financial review in the post and/or by email

Give us about a week, and you'll receive your review in the post and/or by email. It's easy to read, and contains typically 15-20 concrete recommendations that you can take advantage of. An adviser will then discuss these with you at your convenience, and help you identify the ones that are of greatest importance to you.

If you then choose to proceed with any financial advice from Onvestor, you'll receive access to the most suitable financial products on the market, along with personalised advice from your adviser and an app* that allows you to keep track of any investments made on-the-go.

*Due late 2020.

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